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We take delight in offering a unique collection of exquisite dolls inspired by the enchanting world of the “Coraline” movie. Our shop is a haven for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship of dolls. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a fan of the “Coraline” movie, our doll shop offers a delightful opportunity to bring the magic of this beloved story into your home. Step into our world of enchantment and explore our exquisite collection of Coraline dolls.


Coraline Doll, New Coraline Plush

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Look for a Coraline doll. Find the perfect replica of the beloved character from the movie Coraline. Whether you are a fan or collector, our selection of New Coraline Plush is a delight. Shop now and bring home a piece of magic!


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The Advantages of Buying a Coraline Doll for Your Collection

Unique and Limited Edition: Coraline dolls are unique, highly sought-after collectibles. They are often produced in limited quantities, making them even more special. Owning a Coraline doll means having a rare piece that stands out among other doll collections.

Artistry and Craftsmanship: Skilled artisans bring the characters to life, capturing their personality, expressions, and distinctive features. The dolls showcase the craftsmanship and artistry that make them miniature works of art.

Movie Authenticity: Coraline dolls are inspired by the popular “Coraline” movie, ensuring their authenticity and allowing fans to hold a piece of the film’s magic. These dolls faithfully represent the characters, costumes, and styles seen on the big screen, giving collectors a tangible connection to the beloved story.

Display and Decoration: Coraline dolls make for stunning displays and decorations. Their lifelike expressions and beautifully tailored outfits make them eye-catching additions to shelves, cabinets, or doll displays. These dolls can enhance the ambiance of any room and become a focal point of admiration.

Nostalgic Appeal: “Coraline” is a beloved movie that holds nostalgic appeal for many fans. Owning a Coraline doll can evoke fond memories of watching the film and bring the characters to life in a tangible way. It allows collectors to relive the enchanting world of Coraline whenever they see or display their dolls.

FQAs of Coraline Doll Store

Why Was Coraline So Scary?

The overall plot of a demonic beldam disguising herself as the victim's mother to steal their souls and eat their lives is quite disturbing. One of the later plot points of the movie involves Coraline searching for the eyes of three ghost children whose lives were consumed by the Other Mother.

What Coraline Merchandise Items Do You Have in Your Store?

Welcome to our Coraline Doll Store! Discover a wide range of Coraline merchandise, including:

Coraline Doll

Coraline T-Shirt

Coraline Hoodie

Coraline Blanket

Coraline Mug

Coraline Poster

Coraline Pillow

Coraline Backpack

Coraline Keychain

, and more. Perfect for fans of the Coraline movie, our high-quality products will bring the magic of Coraline into your life. Shop now and embrace your love for this enchanting world!

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Our online store offers global shipping, free shipping on orders over $49, orders processed within 2-5 days, and a 60-day return and exchange policy, with some products having specific instructions.